8/2015 Cascade A&E
8/2015 The Source Weekly
3/2015 Cover story CascadeA&E.3.2015
10/2012 Cascade A&E
  8/2014 Article on The Dog Show, 2014 Me2014TheDogShow
11/2013 Bulletin Ranger 11-1-13 Ranger pic, painting, Bulletin 11-1-13
8/13/2013 NuggetNewsLogo
  11/8/2012 Check this out. My dog paintings are getting some "Face Time". Thank you so much, Katherine. BTW, your photography is incredibly beautiful.
11/3/2012 I continue to be surprised and grateful for the support I am getting from my new hometown of Bend, Oregon. I was recently interviewed for the November Issue of Cascade A&E. This is a monthly art, entertainment and culture magazine covering central Oregon. more
9/29/2012 I am honored to have been interviewed by Leotie Richards of SageBrushers Art Society for their October Newsletter. SageBrushers is an art society in Bend that has been around since 1959. I am enjoying being part of this group, and I especially enjoy painting with others when possible on Wednesdays.
4/1/2011 I was interviewed for the Silicon Valley Open Studios Newsletter. Here is the interview:
3/8/2011 I was interviewed for the CreaTV television program Lori Krein's Art Studio.
4/30/2010 An article about The Alameda Art Works participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios.
8/30/2009 This month I had a success story written about me by the Silicon Valley chapter of SCORE.
3/1/2008 An article in the Campbell Express by Bob Sneed.
  6/1/2006 I am honored to be one of the artists featured in the June/July 2006  issue of this wonderful artist magazine.
5/14/2003 Willow Glen Resident Open Studios Article 
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