Artist Statement

Artist Statement - Figurative TheOriginalFlowerChild In the works...
  Artist Statement - Animals City Girl I am inspired by animals. Their behavior is entertaining. Sometimes they are mysterious. Often they are brave and bold. They inspire me every day. Some of the birds I’ve seen out my window – quail, juncos, goldfinches are the impetus for a new painting. What starts as a junco may or may not end up being a junco. I really have no idea how it will end. It is that flexibility and spontaneity of materials and ideas that keep it fresh. I use what the painting needs. I work with a variety of new and recycled materials including acrylic paints, oil pastels, paper, photographs, fabric, graphite and ink. These paintings represent my feelings about the degree of success to which humans and animals coexist. The triangles represent glass shards. Torn paper and collaged elements represent litter and textured surfaces represent air and water pollution   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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