I have a file folder of hand written notes from happy collectors. I treasure these and look forward to reading them and reminiscing into my old age. They make me happy.

Here are just a few of the notes I've received through email and other means. I thank you all for your kindness and support.

We love our Art Mary. — David and Michael



I love the painting!  I will cherish it forever. — Shanti In


It's magnificent Mary! — Carol Garvey

Repeating Patterns, 48" x 12", acrylic, paper, oil pastel

OH my GOD, I love it....I started to cry! — Liz Weaver


“WE LOVE OUR PAINTING!!  It has totally exceeded our expectations!!!!” — Gloria Boike


“Still Life with Cello” hangs in the entryway to our home and is visible from our living room and kitchen (where we spend so much of our time). The colors are warm and rich, the composition is charming and comforting, and the images are captivating. I never see it or pass it without being engaged. And so we thank you very much for enriching our lives. — Johanna S

Your painting spoke to me on many levels: I appreciate work that is successful at being simultaneously whimsical and disturbing.
Your colors and textures are so pleasing and interesting to my eye. — Jazelle L

Thank you so much for selling us more of your fabulous art. It truly is treasured, and you are too. — Stephanie Snell


Thank you for your vision Mary! xo LOVE — Kat & Tim

Your painting of the patient little girl dressed in her best frock has found a perfect niche in my dining room. She is a real charmer. I will treasure her and enjoy her every day. — Linda Roshon