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My Outdoor World Studio

Posted on Jun 11, 2020

IMG_2202 How are you? I hope you and your loved ones are well during this incredibly difficult time. Since moving my studio home January 1, I'm taking this sheltering-in-place time to learn a new skill. I have watched every video I can get my hands on (You Tube and Streamline Art Videos) to learn how to paint outdoors aka en plein air. I will say right off the bat how incredibly challenging it is and how much new respect I have for those that paint en plein air. I've been at it for a couple months now and each time I go out I gain a bit more confidence, but have a ways to go. The good news is that it's always nice spending time with Mother Nature. Would love to hear how you're spending this sheltering-in-place time. Wishing you well, Mary Read More

A Magic Box

Posted on Feb 2, 2017

This is the mailbox in Minnesota Market Building. It's where my studio is located. In that little box in the top right hand corner, scribed 12, I receive your thank you notes with kind words, checks and good wishes, movie tickets and gift cards, and art cards made just for me. The box doesn't look like much, but it has magical powers. It brings kindness, thoughtfulness and love from you to me.
#12, A Magic Box

#12, A Magic Box

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Rock Detail

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

On Monday I sat in my studio for two hours and stared at blank walls and face paintings. On Tuesday I did the same with the addition of making some marks on white paper with charcoal. All lines - straight and curved. Yesterday, I tried finishing a painting I began weeks ago. It didn't happen but it is progressing nicely. It's almost 7:30am and I will leave soon for my studio. I have nothing scheduled until 5:30 tonight. Here's a detail shot from a current painting I'm making of a rock wall.
Rock detail

Rock detail

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