Are You Curious? Einstein Would Be Proud

Posted on Aug 13, 2020


I’ve had several role models in my life. Two stand out above the rest – my mom and my Aunt Fern. My mom was a huge proponent of education and my aunt was all about lifelong learning. I always felt their support and encouragement.

They shaped me into who I am. And guess what? I’m still following their lead. I’ve been taking an online watercolor class this week taught by Nancy McCarthy, an artist I greatly admire. I didn’t make any art that WOW’d me or anyone else but the lessons I’ve learned will help me in my future art making.

Take away? Look for shapes. The ink and bamboo brush work above looks simple and you’re right, it is simple. But to a line freak like me it was challenging. It took me three tries to get to this degree of simplicity without falling back on line work (see below). Nothing wrong with line work but the exercise was to make shapes using only light, medium and dark values. Lesson learned!


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. — Albert Einstein



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