Donation to MOTH

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Today I donated this painting titled “We Go Together” to My Own Two Hands (MOTH). It is a benefit auction in support of music and arts programming in the Sisters, Oregon schools and community.


A Magic Box

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This is the mailbox in Minnesota Market Building. It’s where my studio is located. In that little box in the top right hand corner, scribed 12, I receive your thank you notes with kind words, checks and good wishes, movie tickets and gift cards, and art cards made just for me. The box doesn’t look like much, but it has magical powers. It brings kindness, thoughtfulness and love from you to me.

#12, A Magic Box

#12, A Magic Box




Rock Detail

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On Monday I sat in my studio for two hours and stared at blank walls and face paintings.

On Tuesday I did the same with the addition of making some marks on white paper with charcoal. All lines – straight and curved.

Yesterday, I tried finishing a painting I began weeks ago. It didn’t happen but it is progressing nicely.

It’s almost 7:30am and I will leave soon for my studio. I have nothing scheduled until 5:30 tonight.

Here’s a detail shot from a current painting I’m making of a rock wall.

Rock detail

Rock detail







Fur and Feather Show

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I am honored to be part of the Fur and Feather Show created by Kathy Deggendorfer at her gallery, Sisters Art Works Gallery. It is a wonderful show that benefits Furry Friends.

Me with Kathy Deggendorfer

Here I am with Kathy Deggendorfer

Furry Friends Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Sisters, Oregon, providing food and services to pets in need.


My wolf paintings

It is their mission to help pets remain in their homes by operating a pet food bank, and providing spay/neuter sponsorships and assistance with emergency medical needs to families in financial hardship. They are dedicated to improving the welfare of pets in Sisters, Oregon.


Me and my wolves

I am proud to be part of this show along with Kathy Deggendorfer, Kimry Jelen, Ingrid Lustig, Barbara Modey and Kit Stafford.

Salem Art Fair Weekend

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We started our weekend in Corvallis last Thursday, and then headed up to Salem for the Art Show. We were in Corvallis long enough to visit a few of my favorite people and places, namely the Corvallis Art Center, Allann Brothers Coffee, Paige at Pegasus Gallery and The Book Bin. Sam took me to Nearly Normal’s Gonzo Cuisine and it was awesome! Thank you, sweetie.

Check out the shot of my booth at the Salem Art Festival. It was in the beautiful Bush Pasture Park. A lovely setting for an art show. I had great neighbors and met lots of new people. This was a good show for me because of all the new contacts and because I sold several paintings. Here’s what sold:





The Jay



Tight Rope



Yellow Eye

A big thank you to those that came from Bend to support me and the other artists. You surprised me, and I am grateful for your support.

Lee August and her sister who lives in Salem.
Vern and Judy who came to Salem for the day, just to see the show.
Stephanie Roussel, who’s husband was also in the show.
Beverly, my half-marathon walking buddy.

Can’t wait to do it again!


Book Bin kitty


Nearly Normal’s Gonzo Cuisine


Paige at Pegasus Gallery


My favorite bookstore in Corvallis.


My booth in the festival.

Art School 101 – The Fundamentals

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For those of you who remember me teaching Art School 101 in the Bay Area, it’s back! This time it’s going to be online. I have teamed up with award-winning filmmaker, RJ McMahatton of Inventive to create this course.

Art School 101 – The Fundamentals will include drawing, composition and color theory. It is for people who could only dream of going to art school. It is also for those who want to brush up on their skills. You will be able to tackle each lesson at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. What’s even cooler? It’s going to be affordable!

Please subscribe to this blog if you’d like to keep informed on this exciting new online course that will be available soon!

Cheers. Mary



Two Gourds

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Sitting on the back porch listening to the chirping of lesser goldfinches, juncos, and an occasional mourning dove and a cat to silence it all.

No Sorry, We’re Closed

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What an unusual sign. I’ve never had a chance to sit in this bookstore/coffee shop long enough to sketch this until today. Of course, I had to include that sign. Makes me smile every time I see it.

This is the inside of Dudley’s, a locally owned bookstore on Minnesota Ave in Bend. Next time I’ll have to sketch some of the shelves of books that go from floor to ceiling. It’s was a great place to hang out on a rare rainy day here.

Thanks RJ McHatton for planning this!

Aunt Fern & Elliot

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Oldest, Youngest Family members

Aunt Fernie

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Aunt Fernie